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Excel completes the Denver Mart abatement project !

Excel Environmental was selected to provide Environmental Services at the site of the old Denver Mart, by I-25 and 58th Street in Denver. This was an extremely large and complicated project that took over 15 months to complete. New development is already beginning at the site.

Excel is working at 10th & Santa Fe on a new large scale abatement project! Stay tuned for more details and updates!

Excel is Hiring!

Excel is hiring Experienced and Licensed Asbestos Supervisors and Workers. Give us call, for new careers or employment opportunities!

New Projects are breaking loose, and Excel is currently bidding many new projects, that will create new opportunities.

Excel continues to Partner with Health and Reuglatory Experts and Industry Professionals to develop and provide best practices and methods, that will help ensure confidence in your indoor air environments.

If you have any questions, or need more information about our Services or Career Opportunies, please give us a call at (303)-577-9933 or e-mail us sales@excelcorp.net

Cotton Candy MoldWelcome to Excel Environmental Inc.

Founded in 2000 by Thomas Case, a Native American Indian, Excel Environmental Inc has grown to become an industry leading provider of environmental assessment, investigation, abatement and mitigation services. Over the past 12 years, Excel has completed over 4,000 projects exceeding a total of over $50 million in revenue. Excel is proud to continue to grow and expand its business and services offerings.

Thomas Case was joined in 2004 by Carl B. Cox III and Bart McTaggart as owners of Excel Environmental Inc to help expand our business and service offerings. Excel Environmental Inc has received National Minority Business Enterprise certification by the National Minority Suppliers Development Council as a Native American Minority owned company. To date we have grown to employ over 60 valued professionals that are currently on staff.  Our field staff is comprised of over approximately 45 highly trained and certified men and women, and our management team consists of an additional 12 highly capable professionals, all of which allow us to provide quality, safe and professional environmental services and to maintain the esteemed reputation we have worked very hard to earn.

Every project we do is backed by a team with a full range of capabilities. In addition to our AHERA certified asbestos personnel, Excel currently employs Air Monitoring Specialists, a Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Specialist, an Environmental Geologist and an Open Water Diving Specialist. Excel's employees are our most valuable asset. Educating, training, empowering and encouraging our personal development is a key investment to our company, our services, and our future. Excel’s Executive Steering Committee is comprised of our President and two Vice Presidents, who continually work to develop the company's visions and business strategies.

Since 2000, we have been providing our clients with a full range of environmental services. Our core business is Asbestos abatement, Lead Abatement and Mold Mitigation. Excel also offers Meth Lab Cleanup, Hazmat Cleanup, Bird and Animal Deterrent and Cleanup, Impacted Soil Excavation, Demolition/Remodeling and most recently, Flood Damage Restoration.

Excel is committed to quality, safety and excellence in all our provided services. This can best be measured in terms of our performance, customer satisfaction and having the end result be exactly what was needed. Excel's core values reflect the firm belief that trust and integrity characterize a good business relationship and ensures our credibility as a leader in the abatement Industry.

Corporate Mission Statement

Excel Environmental Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality environmental abatement, mitigation and remediation services to our clients and customers with an emphasis on safety and adherence to regulations, policies and well defined practices and procedures.

Give us a call

Excel Environmental can provide you with the environmental services solutions you need. As a licensed, bonded and insured General Abatement Contractor, with years of experience, highly trained personnel, we can help resolve your environmental services needs. Come visit us, or give us a call at (303) 577-9933, or e-mail us today, at sales@excelcorp.net, we’ll earn your business and meet all your environmental service needs.